You will need
  • - root access on the target machine;
  • - SSH-client.
Log on the local machine or connect to a remote server running Apache, and also authorize. If you have physical access to the machine on which the server functions that require a reboot, and connected the monitor with the keyboard, the authorization process will not be a problem.

If the target machine has only remote SSH access, use the program customers to implement connectivity. Under Windows you can use the freely distributed graphical client PuTTY is available for download on the website In Linux-like systems switch to a text console, or run a terminal emulator and then run the command:
ssh username@serveraddress

After connect enter the password.
How to restart apache
Start a session as root. Run the command su. Enter the root password.
How to restart apache
Determine which of the server Apache is running on the target machine. Run the command:
service httpd status

The message httpd is running will attest to the fact that Apache operates in version 1.x. Message service: httpd: Unrecognized service indicates that this service is not installed. The inscription httpd is stopped says that the server is installed but not running.

Likewise, check whether you are running Apache version 2.x. Run the command:
service httpd2 status

Upon inspection, will reveal the presence or absence of the services httpd and httpd2. They (including simultaneously) can be started and stopped. If the target machine is functioning Apache, go to the next step.
How to restart apache
Restart Apache. To restart the server by stopping it and then running, run the command:
service ServiceName restart
As the name of a service, specify httpd or httpd2 depending on the results obtained in the previous step. For the implementation of a "soft" reboot with the updated configuration instead of restart, use the graceful. For example:
service httpd2 graceful
This method is more preferable.
How to restart apache
Shut down. Close the session to the root user, perform the exit command. Disconnect from the server using the command exit or logout.
How to restart apache