Linux every year is gaining more and more fans. Not the last role in this is the emergence of more quality distributions, allowing hassle-free to install the operating system and start working. Ubuntu is such a distro, during installation and configuration you will face minimum difficulties. Usually everything starts to work out of the box - the system correctly identifies all equipment in its composition has all the necessary programs for normal operation.
Windows users usually run under an administrator account and get used to the fact that when the system is not required to enter a password. Going to Linux, they are in the OS want to the same simple input. To implement autologin in recent versions of Ubuntu (11.10 and up), open: "system Settings" - "user Accounts".
In the opened window, select your account, click "Unlock" and enter password. Then enable the option automatic logon by pressing the appropriate button. After the reboot, Ubuntu will boot automatically without a password.
If for some reason enable automatic login described above failed, you can implement it by editing the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf. To edit it, type the following command in console: sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and press Enter. Enter the password. In the editor window find the line autologin-user=. In this line you can enter the user name under which you log in. For example, autologin-user=alex22 (without dot in the end).
It should be noted that the operating system is Linux different from Windows, primarily for its philosophy, approach to work. In Linux don't work under the administrator, which greatly increases safety. Security issues in this OS are high priority, so the password when you log in good agreement with the main principles of this system. The password takes a matter of seconds, and you know that no one else will be able to enter the system. Not accidentally various Linux distributions are so popular among hackers – this OS is able to provide the highest level of confidentiality and protection of information.