Rate the appearance of the person social status which you want to define. Most people occupying high position in society, are expensive and quality clothing. They do not flaunt their financial capabilities and therefore always look stylish and reserved. Special attention should be paid to shoes. Man, rotating in the highest circles, simply can not afford to wear cheap shoes. Also shoes should always be shined.
Pay attention to the human wrist. Most people who have achieved heights very carefully to time because watches are an essential attribute of any business person. As a rule, the higher and respectable social status of a person, the more expensive his watch.
Let's see what car rides you are interested in. By and large, the brand of machine and its price segment can push you in the right direction. Cars are divided into three classes depending on the level of income. If a person drives a premium car, then it is logical to conclude that his social position is very high. On the contrary, low-cost domestic car brands can testify to the fact that the income of the owner is not too high.
Pay attention to how a person spends their free time. Typically, the people holding a high social position, leisure time activities, often the elite of its species, for example, Golf.
To determine the social status of a person will help you with information about where he spends the vacation. Of course, preferences are different, but some patterns can still be identified. First, wealthy people often have a rest abroad on expensive resorts, and, secondly, the average number of journeys per year is 3-6. People with low social status or can't afford to travel, or performs not more than 2 times a year. However, it should be borne in mind and the fact that wealthy people may not be free time and then the number of vacations sharply reduced.