You will need
  • If you want to know how many times you listen to the waltz Mendelssohn at your own wedding, you need to perform a number of moments in my life.
For the prediction of their own success in marriage find out what is the personal story of each of your parents. How many times have decided to marry or to marry relatives on the mother's side? How this state of Affairs the ancestors on my father's side? The more good marriages were in your immediate family, the more chances that you get married only once in life.
Analyze who your elected representatives. Remember the personal life of each of your chosen as a mate. If you are drawn to people who from time to time change the family, you risk to pass through weddings and divorces several times. On the contrary, if you come across people with strong family values who are serious about marriage, it is likely that you will have to create a strong family once and for all.
Think about what your own life values. Analyze what is most important to you in life. That's the beauty of human existence that we, as rational beings, able to overcome adversity. Even if you grew up in a dysfunctional family or had only one parent, this does not mean that you will be unhappy in family life. If you are sure that you want a family that want to live with someone that, adhering to these values, you will be able to succeed in spite of unpleasant family traditions.