Great solution for the outdoor pool. The domestic market offers a huge selection of pavilions – from short, to serve as a reliable reservoir roof, up high, under which you can safely walk tall even tall people. There is a stationary pavilions, and in this case, the outdoor pool gets all the advantages of the indoor swimming pool. There are pavilions, the walls of which can be moved together or apart depending on the weather.

The material of the pavilions (usually polycarbonate) is heated and stores heat from the sun, while the air temperature increases of 10-12°C. the Day the water heats quickly and cools slowly in the night. As a result, the heater turns on less often, which leads to substantial energy savings.

It's like a floating veil, which are, however, very hard coating. If the pool is covered with blinds, it will not get garbage, animals and small children. Unwound and unwound the blinds with roller device, it is very easy to use. There are automatic and semi-automatic shutters.
Bubble cover

This floating film of durable and lightweight polyester (often called "solar film"). It is very popular among owners of swimming pools. Provides a significant reduction moisture and taprootgarden, energy savings, significant reduction in the making of chemicals in the pool water. Manufacturers produce bubble cover blue and silver colors is very impressive while hiding the bowl of the reservoir.
Other coatings

In the market of swimming pool equipment widely represented cover made of a variety of materials:
- reinforced polyester, lined with PVC;
- metal (e.g., aluminum tubing);
- high quality plastic (usually automatic rolling cover consisting of plastic plates connected to each other);
foam (foam);
- wood-polymer composite material etc.