Make sure you have protective actively working heating system or a hot period, the water from the pool may simply evaporate. Put into the pool barrel so that its edge protruding from the water a few inches. Fill the barrel with water. The water level in the barrel should match the water level in your pool. Mark the water level on the wall of the barrel with a marker. Compare the water level in the pool and in the barrel at the end of the day. If the water level in the barrel is greater than the water level in the pool, so the pool has a leak.
Find proteocephalidae place during the day rate of leakage of water when the pump. Record all measurements on paper. It is desirable to perform measurements every hour. Disconnect the circulation system and guide the same measurements. Compare the results obtained.If the water is faster out of the pool when the pump, the cause of the leak, most likely is a malfunction of the water supply system of the pool. The most vulnerable places are: the return pipe, the connection pipe from the rear part of the port located on the wall of the pool; a filter in place of the water passage through the gasket in the filter head; the suction pipe of checkoutdate, at the junction of the pipe with checkoutplease.If water loss is the same when turned off and on the pump, most likely a leak occurs in the frame of the pool. The most vulnerable point in the design of the pool is considered to be a hydrostatic relief valve located at the bottom of the pool, at the main sink. Also, pools with a vinyl coating, water leakage from the housing pool may occur due to the formation of holes in the coating. Concrete swimming pools may cause cracks in the Foundation.
Repair protechmedia eliminate leakage in the pipeline is necessary to hold test pressure in the pipeline system or to use a special paint for testing pools. This is necessary in order to accurately set the location of the holes. Getting to the location of the leak, the paint leaves a mark. Find the location of the water leak you will be able to fix the leak in the pool, replacing the damaged parts of the pipeline.To eliminate the leak in the frame of the pool need to be drained from the pool all the water. If necessary, repair or replace the waterproofing of the pool. For the repair of the concrete frame of the pool you can apply a special PVC membrane that is fastened on top of a leak or sealants are designed specifically for swimming pools.