Before installing the bath prepare the room: carry out finishing works and install a mechanical filter of water purification. Connection and test run the bath will assign qualified technician.
Before filling the bath with water, close the drain plug. Turn on the water. If the faucet of 3-component with two handles, adjust the pressure by turning knob (with a red badge – hot water, blue – cold) from right to left. The switch in the middle, put in the right position: the right – on filling of the bath, left the shower. 2-component mixer, the water temperature adjust by turning the knob to the right and to the left, and the pressure is rising up.
When the water reaches the desired level, proceed to start the massage. Press the power button, it should turn red. If the motor does not turn on, make sure that the water is level with the sensor located under the control lever drain. To stop the motor press the button again. The strength of massage, adjust using the knob control.
If the tub is electronically controlled, start with pressing the button to turn on/off located on the control system. The display should change to green and make all features are available. To deactivate, press this button again.
To talk on the phone, in case of incoming call panel, press the button with the phone and start talking. At the time of the conversation stops hand shower, there is a temporary outage of the motor. To resume their work after finishing the conversation, press the phone button.
To enhance the column input signal from the CD player, press on the electronic panel the button. To disable, press again.
To turn on the shower, push button heads, to deactivate press again. To maintain water temperature press the control panel button C. When the temperature drops, the system automatically connects and brings it to the chosen level. The system will not work if the water level is below the position. Disable the feature by pressing the same button.