You will need
  • - champagne;
  • - glasses;
  • - fruits and sweets;
  • - rose petals (optional).
Meeting the groom is the second Chapter in your wedding story, after the charges of the bride. So that later there was excruciatingly painful to watch the images of these points, do not start the action in the stairwell of an apartment building, if he doesn't look too well maintained. Couples who can afford an additional line item in the wedding budget, renting a room in a hotel the night before the celebration, in which the sleeping bride, and in the morning it will be fees and meeting the groom.
Lay up a few bottles of champagne, fruits and chocolates, if you want small tartlets and serve a small buffet table. If you are a lover of romance, put rose petals way to the door where you will wait for the faithful. If possible, hang the curtain or drape, which he put before you. With a minimum of cost it will add drama and solemnity to the moment.
Traditionally, the groom entering the bride's room, should give her a wedding bouquet. See you in a wedding gown, it does not resist the compliment, and then come the turn for your sincere and tender recognition. Think about it, what you say may be, remember the day of Dating or a marriage proposal.
Say a symbolic oath. If you have a standard ceremony in a registry office or a wedding Palace, this touching tradition of the Western weddings can be moved to the morning of the celebration. Having met the groom, say a few words. Whether she learned or just thought out in advance and written in your own words. After that, alone or together with family and friends who will attend the meeting of the groom, raise your glass of champagne. A light reception will not prevent – the celebrants and their guests often forget to have Breakfast on this important day, but he will be long and intense.