You will need
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - colored markers;
  • - Scotch;
  • balloons;
  • - threads;
  • - 3 key;
  • - photographs;
  • - colored paper;
  • - scissors;
  • tray;
  • package.
Starting to prepare the scenario of foreclosure, find out the character of the groom. Someone happy and carefree can dance on the pelvis, to sing with a guitar and shouting the whole staircase of love to the bride, and someone such tasks may seem too extreme. Sadly, if the ransom is overshadowed by the feeling of embarrassment and failure of the groom to perform the job. Check with your future wife the questions for the ransom.
Invent questions on the uptake, make sure they were humorous. You can, for example, to ask about the location of moles on the face of the bride, which in fact is not.Don't ask too simple or too complicated questions. Remember that the bridegroom is not coming alone, so try to get your scenario was involved in the entire "Suite" of the bridegroom. Remind your friends about the need to help the groom with the passage of the test.
If the future husband can play on any musical instrument, use this ability in redemption. Invite, for example, to perform a Serenade for the bride. Tool prepare in advance. Also ahead of time to take care of the musical accompaniment for a dance competition in a scenario of foreclosure. For example, ask the groom and his friends perform the chicken dance.
Offer find out how well the groom knows his future wife. To do this, prepare a chart with the numbers that are relevant to brides. It can be date of birth, Dating, numbers, meaning the size of clothes, shoes, rings, house, apartment, transport, etc. Make a poster, for example in the form of a flower, each petal of which is written a number.
Use the stairs at the entrance, on which the future husband will rise to the apartment. Cut out paper hearts, glue them on the stairs and invite the groom, stepping on hearts, affectionately called the bride. As a variant - to call the various diminutive forms of her name. Not so easy to come up with so many beloved names. Or ask the bridegroom to say how it will help his future wife in the home. Each step is one thing. You can also offer to call the reasons why husband-to-be is getting married, stepping on each step.
Beat the entrance of the bride. The key to the apartment, hide in the balloons - let the groom guess which balloon is hidden right key. If he is mistaken, should pay a fine, the amount of which is pre-write on the balls with a marker. You can also hide the key in one of three opaque cups with beverages, such as fruit juices of different colors. Ask friends to help the groom to drink to see if there is a key. Or invite her future husband to ring the doorbell heel. Of course, friends will help in this task.
In the flat stick on the wall a few baby pictures, one of which depicts the groom. Ask the groom what. In case of error ask the future husband to pay a fine and to try again. As a penalty you can use not only money but and sweetness for the bridesmaids. Or ask them to carry any penalty the job.
If you have a good memory, ask the questions in verse. They are easy to find or to compose yourself, and look such redemption will be much more festive and interesting. Joke, smile, smooth out any awkwardness. Remember that the groom is worried, and be lenient. Do not demand the answer to the question what would be better to assign a penalty task or allow me to pay off.