Try not to take from the Internet scenario, the words of which are repeated from generation to generation. The main thing here is to show their invention. Consider what the groom is interested in, what Hobbies do bride, and maybe they were introduced by a common passion. And, on this basis, come up with a scenario. For example, if the groom is a player for every miss in the tests gives a yellow card, for a double – red. Red write the value of the card – and let the bribes. If the groom's military – comic trials of strength and agility, and if the bride works in the beauty salon – let you guess her favorite color lipstick or her hand in the photos.
Involve the performance of tasks and friends of the groom. Let them shout together the bride of love, sing a song – in General, help the groom to overcome obstacles. For example, will carry him through a makeshift fence or comic of the river, will help to get flying from the ceiling a balloon tied to his job, look for the key to the apartment among the many mailboxes.
Always cause laughter and mirth dummy bride's relatives and friends – grandmother dressed as a brother or uncle. Arrange a "wedding boom": on each floor let the groom meets the figurehead of the bride and asks to marry. One fun, all the guests treats, wine pours. The second seductress, promises of Paradise life, the third is Mature and experienced, says it will protect like a son, the fourth bully, "from the yard". They have to convince the groom not to go. Refused to let him pay, because the bride would be offended. But if fake beauty is perfect and will play a role, such redemption will be remembered for a long time.
"The way to heart of the bride is through his stomach" - this is the motto let the guests come barmaid with a tray of pies, one of which is hidden the key to the door of the bride. Here it can help all guests. Additionally, the waitress can ask the groom that he will be the future spouse for Breakfast. Answers can be placed slices of the chart on the Board to put in the casket. Of course, for the wrong kind of "sausage sandwiches" or "nothing, she let prepares the groom pays, but the "strawberries and cream" or "pancakes with cherry jam" should melt the heart of the barmaid.
When the behavior of the foreclosure are welcomed with numerous costumes, accessories and props. Because the bride is willing to do anything for his beloved. But too much imagination can ruin the business: don't need to wear groom suit diver or a fireman with a helmet or mask. Here, for example, angel wings quite possible, especially if you spend a ransom, codenamed "Marriages are made in heaven." Here you can dance, and guess slices of fruit under the name of the brideand pop a few blue and white beads, which are hidden notes with tasks or questions. By the way, despite the heavenly life, "a fundraiser to benefit the hungry guests" should not be forgotten.