You will need
  • - candy;
  • - champagne;
  • - money.
Come to ransom with his witness and friends. The groom did not have one to go through all the trials, arranged by the relatives and friends of the bride. Neither one nor the other will not mind the help and tips your the Suite. On the contrary, in some contests, traditional buyout, requires the participation of two or more people.
Be prepared for the fact that all the shyness and self-doubt need to overshadow. For redemption is not so much quick and correct answers, rather the ability to amuse the guests and to Orient in difficult situations.
Prepare candy, a bottle of champagne and money. Though the main purpose of the buyback is lifting the mood and create a festive atmosphere, without financial cost you will not do. As a rule, all the money that you give will eventually come back to you or to the bride's parents.
Change large bills into smaller ones. The ideal option would be the presence of your wallet bills of different denominations and of different countries. Before the ransom can be said that you have traveled in search of such a wonderful bride and found her, finally, and money will pay off not only local, but also overseas.
All the tests should pass to the groom, can be divided into three groups: knowledge of the bride, on intelligence, on strength. Therefore, before you casually ask your sweetheart what color she likes, what flowers prefer the name her mother. If you doubt your memory, look his beloved in the eye before the party and confirm the date of her birth. These questions are very often present on the ransom. It is also worth to remember all the dates associated with your relationship.
In contests of wits, try to look for the simplest solution. For example, there is a common task when you need to drink water from a three-liter jar, the bottom of which is a key to the apartment of the bride. Instead of having to drink all the water you can gently pour it, but the key is to pick yourself.