Develop healthy apathy. Remember that not all troubles are so awful they seem. If you once put a man on the scene, and he thinks of you for this offense, do not think that this is irreparable and that you will never be able to be friends. If you share a real friendship and not just some ephemeral benefit from the mutual communication, the person on the next day (if not sooner) want to make peace with you. In addition, you yourself may well make a step forward: indeed, it does not hurt and do not quarrel in the long run. You just showed him his place. This is quite a normal situation.
However, be careful: don't allow this argument. You need to be able to put people on the spot so that it felt like you fair, and that he really is guilty. Never be rude, don't break hands. Be polite and calm. After all, you want to show nature, not its absence. Violence, rudeness, rudeness - these are all signs of not only lack character, but also no idea about basic norms of behavior. First, educate yourself with this character, and then show it.
Do not climb on the rampage, if you see that the truth is on the wrong side. No need to show the strength of your characterand if you see that it would be an empty conflict. If often happens so that you want to get something from your surroundings, something you don't, and you're ready to show teeth to achieve the objective - it has nothing to do with the manifestation of nature. It's just anger, envy and stupidity. Avoid such situations and thoughts.
Be nature only with those in which such influence you can have. For example, if you decided to go with his characterω to the authorities, no positive outcome for you should not hope. C subordinates - is another matter. But here you must proceed with caution, proceeding from positions of good and mutual benefit. After all, if your employees see that you show a character just to "popontovatsya and to drink their blood, it is unlikely that they will obey. But if you manage to show them that you're doing it for the benefit of the enterprise, and when you show character, you just need to establish discipline and to lead all in working condition - they willingly will meet you.
That is, to show your character need only hoping to improve the situation and only those who will obey you. Often show character is necessary, and this applies to the family. Children must feel that parents are higher and mightier than them in many things they need you to comply. However show character of love, because it is still your children, no need to make enemies. Another thing - friends. Here all are equal. And if you show character today, there is no guarantee that someone will not show their character tomorrow.