To determine the type of character pass a simple test that will allow you to determine the right or left side of the body controls you in some situations. Gather the fingers to the castle and pay attention to the left or right thumb on top. If the top of the left thumb, then you tend to be emotional and if right – you have an analytical mind.
Take a pencil in his outstretched arm and move it to any point in space. Then turn zazhmurte eyes to determine which eye is leading, and when zamurovannye what eye target begins to move. If zamurovannye the left eye, the target shifts, you have a gentle nature, and if right – you have a solid and persevering nature.
Also try to cross hands on the chest. If the top most left hand turns than right, you are inclined to trickery, but if right – to beshitrosno. Then clap your hands, positioning her arms crossed. Determine which hand you prefer to clap. If left, it's hard to make decisions, and if you are right – you are persistent and determined person. Different combinations of results in this simple test allow to define the main features of your character.
In addition, in psychology highlighted the individual accentuation of the personality, or character, is strongly expressed in a particular person. Demonstrative type of character is characterized by a desire to stand out, the artistry, the desire to draw attention to themselves. These people tend to continuously change the scope of activities, they are not able to concentrate long enough on anything.
Pedantic type of character has too long thinking before making a decision. Such people are prone to increased accuracy, thoroughness, and seriousness. Excitable type of character is not governed by logic, but by feelings and instincts. Excitable people are very impulsive and cutting, and also prone to conflict. People with anxiety type character prone to self-doubt, fear and timidity, different unnatural behavior and self-criticism.
There is also hyperthymic type of character – people who have them, have increased the optimism and enthusiasm they experience a constant thirst for activity, often use the authority and have success in the team. The opposite of hyperthymic type is distimicescie type. These people tend to be pessimistic, they are being unduly pessimistic and not very emotional.
If a person often alternate gipertoniceski and distimicescie condition, it has a labile or cyclothymic type of character. Also there are exalted individuals who violently and emotionally react to all occurring events around them.
Not always these types of nature embodied in the pure form in one person, but you can explore the features of their behavior and to correlate it with the described types to determine what their characteristics are often found in your own character.