People have a subjective opinion about yourself. Unconsciously or consciously everyone exaggerates or understates the quality of his character. It is therefore very important to tune in to objectivity, to look at ourselves, to imagine that you describes an observer who needs to give you adequate and honest assessment.
One of the defining properties of nature considered to be relevant to other people, it is necessary to begin the description. Think about how you treat others? Do you tend to indifference to what is happening in their lives, and maybe, on the contrary, you are too sensitive to events that you almost do not touch. Do you people useful or useless as you treat your friends and enemies? What happens in your family, how close is your relationship with relatives? All this information allows you to more or less objectively assess this part of your character.
Attitude to work and labour is the second important character trait. Imagine that you see him at work. Ask yourself how much you love the work, how much to work, do you prefer a sedentary job or one where you have to move a lot? Whether you love the process, or it is only a way of earning money. How comfortable do you feel in the role of a subordinate or boss? Are you ready to take responsibility for their work or think that nothing depends on you? The answers to these and other related questions will allow you to assess the relevant traits of your character.
Next you need to describe your attitude to things. Think of how gently you treat the items, whether jewelry, cherish the gifts. Describe in detail how important in your life play things.
Only then you can move on to the description of those traits that say about your inner world. After answering the previous questions you already should have a fairly objective idea of what kind of person you are. Now you can give yourself a rating. Ask yourself whether you can call yourself good-natured or angry, forgiving or vindictive, how religious you are, how to treat the opposite sex as you romantic, devoted, faithful, required. Don't be afraid of "negative" responses to their questions, obtain a full objective understanding of your personality will do you only good, will help in greater extent to understand ourselves.