You will need
  • The object of the description
Let's start with the physical body. In contrast to psychological descriptions, it does not require verbal contact. For this purpose it is necessary to carefully examine the person. Start with build: it can be slim, athletic, full, etc.
Then take the head. Describe the color and length of hair, color of eyes, complexion. Defined facial features(a sharp or straight), shape of nose, shape of the eyes. You can also specify the shape of the ears, lips and mouth. Missing teeth if you have it. The scars and tattoos.
Down below. Described if you need clothes, starting at the top and below. Usually enough of the description of clothes, because it can not see anything. But if possible, you need to specify special features. For example, scars, tattoos, dentures, etc.
Go to psychological description. You need to have with the person spoken contact, and in some cases shared a common experience.
Describe the person's character (flexible, soft, hard), his demeanor with friends and strangers. His attitude to work, and the work of others. The tendency to laziness or diligence. You can specify interests and Hobbies. Proper construction of words and use of terms, reading. Habits, Hobbies, tendencies.