You will need
  • - ticket;
  • phone.
The easiest way to find out the date of departure is to clarify it with a ticket. Take your paper ticket or open the file from the email. Find Departure English word meaning "Administration." Next to him will be the departure time according to the time zone of the airport from which to fly the aircraft.
If you for some reason are unable at this time to see the time on the ticket, find out this information through the airport. Go to the website of the departure airport, from the main page go to "Departure" or "Departing passengers". In such section should be a virtual display showing the departure of the next flight, as well as a list of flights on the following days. Find your among them according to an alpha-numeric code.
In the case where your flight was not listed on the website, call the airport on the phone. To do this, locate on the website the number to call, dial the number and explain the situation to the telephone operator. Best of all, if you can name the flight number, but if the flights in your destination country are at the airport not often, you only have to specify the day. The information received to record and save.
Another way to find out the departure time is to call or come personally to the airline office. There you not only told the necessary information, but also be able to provide you with a copy of the electronic ticket if it is not preserved.
Keep in mind that to Board a domestic flight you will need to arrive at the airport forty minutes before departure and for international flights - for a half hour. This is necessary in order to manage to pass a passenger, and on overseas flights - another border control. Therefore, the departure time of the aircraft you should use for the rational calculation of time of the road to the airport.