Advice 1: How to know the exact time by phone

Despite the fact that in the modern urban environment we are surrounded by many electronic devices that display time, probably, they do not reflect it with precision to the second. Maybe it happened so that you don't have access to any clocks, but there is a landline telephone. To know the exact time on the phone, you can use a phone service of accurate time.
How to know the exact time by phone
Pick up the telephone handset, attach to your ear and wait for her continuous beep. Perhaps your telephone does not have direct access to the public telephone network. In this case, pre-dial the exit code of the external network. If he is unknown to you, ask a regular user of this phone line how to access this unit. In most cases, the office PBX is used "nine".
Next, you need to dial one of following numbers and wait for a response.
city room

Armavir – 100

Astrakhan – 39-25-25

Bryansk – 060

Vladivostok – 051

Voronezh – 100

Ekaterinburg – 100

Ivanovo – 008

Irkutsk – 70-70-70

Kazan – 8171

Kaliningrad – 060

Krasnodar – 060

Krasnoyarsk – 060

Lipetsk – 060

Moscow and the Moscow region – 100

Murmansk – 060

Nizhny Novgorod – 060

Nizhnevartovsk – 1777

Novosibirsk – 363-0-100

Norilsk – 000

Petrozavodsk – 060

Perm – 100

Samara – 060

Saint Petersburg – 060

Sochi – 060

Stavropol – 73-88-88

Tolyatti – 0004

Tomsk – 060

Cheboksary – 100

Chelyabinsk – 100

Cherepovets – 060

Tyumen – 332-332

Elista – 3-32-32

Minsk (Belarus ) – 088

Ukraine is (shall be enforced in all cities) – 121
For the regional cities that aren't in this list, you can call the regional center. For this to be available for long-distance communication, and the service itself is often caused through "eight". Enter long distance code. For example, for the city of Nevyansk (Sverdlovsk region) call in Ekaterinburg will be carried out by dialing 8-343-100. This is also true in the case of using a cellular telephone.
In case of successful access to the service you will receive a voice message about the exact time after which the connection will be automatically completed.
If you are in a foreign country and want to know the exact time on the phone, find the number in the local phone book. When you call, you will likely hear speech, non-native language.
Service exact time is free of charge and long distance calls paid
Useful advice
If you want to know the exact time on a mobile phone, check the corresponding number to the technical support service of your operator. At the same time ask free.

Advice 2: How to know the city code for phone

When dialing in betweengorodna format after the country code for Russia is +7 or 8) to dial the code of the city containing not less than three digits, and then the room phone. All codes, as was the room, and displayed for an incoming call on a landline phone with caller ID or mobile. To determine the city code to help special directories, paper and virtual.
How to know the city code for phone
When an incoming call is separate the country code is one or two digits in front of the number.
The following code from three to six digits – the area code. Make a note of it.
Under the article the link to the site directory "BTK" (the first link). The website also offers a city search on codes. In the search box, enter country and area code, click "Search". After a few seconds you will be shown the city that owns the code.
To determine the city code in mobile phone , you can go to the website "J-s-M-inform" and enter the whole number in the international format in the search box (with country code). After pressing Enter you will be given information about the place of registration (country and region) and of the operator.
Other resources to determine the city code in mobile phone are listed below. The principle of operation with them are similar.

Advice 3: On the phone learn PBX

For smooth operation of home phone complies with ATS (automatic telephone station). If you experience any problems with the connection, the subscriber can apply to this institution.
On the phone learn PBX
You will need
  • - service contract with a telephone company;
  • - payment receipt for the phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - telephone directory;
  • - the passport.
Find a service contract with the company providing you services. Perhaps the number you supports the ATS or any other telephone numbers which will give you the necessary information.
Carefully examine the receipt on payment for telephone use. Most of them have a contact number by calling on which you can find out various information you need, including what automatic telephone exchange is the service area in which you reside.
Call the help Desk by phone 09 or 090 (mobile phone). Ask them to give you the phone number of the company providing you services. Call him, ask what station is your area.
Check with neighbors, maybe someone knows the number.
Visit the Central Telegraph office in your town. Call your home number and ask them to provide you with the information you need.
Buy telephone directory in print and search under "Communication" the phone numbers of various exchanges of the city. Call one of them, calling your number, ask which station you belong to.
Use an electronic directory, which will contain the phone numbers you need organizations. For example, it may be a directory "Doublegis", in the databases which has data for all the major cities of Russia. This program also works in online mode and has a version for installation on a mobile phone.
Open the official website with background information for your city. To do this, simply enter a search string in your browser the name of the locality in which you reside. Look at the resource sections "Telephony", "Communication", etc., Call on any of the provided phone and calling your number, ask you to help.
When contacting any of the organizations take a personal passport.
Useful advice
Do not trust sites that promise to give you any information you need after you send the SMS.
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