You will need
  • - birch Board;
  • - tools for work with wood;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - lacquer for wood.
Prepare dry birch Board or block. Suitable as a hazel or oak deadwood. The main requirement to the material for the sword – no wood defects, especially of knots. Workpiece length should be about a meter or slightly more. The overall dimensions of the wooden samurai sword is determined by the growth of its owner; traditionally, the handle of the katana has a length of about 25 cm, and the working part (the blade) – not more than 75 cm.
Vystrugat a plane straight wide model. Remove excess layers of wood; if you use the whole stem of a Bush, you must first remove the bark and a little to dry the workpiece. After initial processing you should now have a strip with a thickness of 10-30 mm.
Give the sword a little bent, removing the excess. To the size and shape is not distorted during processing, pre-apply to the workpiece the contours of the future weapons, and then use the planer to consistently remove the excess material.
File out the sharp edges of the workpiece, giving a cross section of the katana slightly rounded or oval shape. Pay special attention to the hilt of the sword, because of the quality of processing will depend on the ease of handling training weapons. It will be perfect if the handle you will make a round or oval cross section. Make sure the thickness was the same along the entire length.
After giving the working part of the katana of the desired shape, treat it to a file and then sandpaper. It will save your hands from splinters. In the beginning use "the sandpaper" larger, gradually moving to finer grinding. The tip of the katana for security purposes when contacting with the shell and also make a rounded grind.
Ready sword consistently top two or three layers of lacquer to protect the wood from the harmful effects of the environment. For easy hold training weapons in hand, gently wrap the hilt of the sword with tape. Now you can safely proceed to mastering the art of fighting to samurai swords.