You will need
  • - wooden bars;
  • - nails;
  • - harnesses for dogs.
Dog breeders can have great fun both for themselves and for animals – sledding. Dogs should be able to pull the load and quietly endure the cold. To make a DIY sled is not that difficult. For this kind of fun better suited the huskies, but dogs of other breeds can be trained to run in harness.
Length for a makeshift sled it is better to choose 2-4 meters depending on how many dogs will be in harness. One large healthy dog can safely pull the sled a length of 2 meters, and at greater length does not always manage. To determine the size better depending on the specific situation.
For the sledge runners, you can take the following dimensions: length 2 m, width between the rails of 10 cm Between the rails set the distance 55 cm If you are good with tools, runners can carve your own or order in a woodworking shop – in the simplest case, this part is a beam, which nicked the front part curved to hit the snow.
Insert the rails on each side for 3-4 bar with a height of 50 cm it is necessary to Arrange them at a distance of five feet, and the rest of the runners not to take – here during the drive will be a driver. At a height of thirty inches from the skids arrange from bruskov horizontal quadrangular frame on which the flooring will be made for shipping. The last bars should be longer, to them it is necessary to attach the crossbar is supposed to be like the back in the form of the letter "P". Standing on the back of the skids the driver while driving will hold on to the bar, so to fix it should be more reliable.
Attach to the front of the sled ends of the arc so that her horns were moved to the first vertical bars. On lateral bars strengthen the boards to make the horizontal flooring.
Take a strong rope or a long strap of leather. He will perform the role of the Central tow strap "of the line", choose the length depending on how much you want to harness the animals. In the North in harness put to fourteen dogs. The load on the sled count so that one dog would have no more than fifty pounds. Tie the line to the sleds.