To remove stains from grease, pour turpentine into a bottle and heat in a water bath. Then soak a cotton ball in the solvent and treat the stain working from the edges to the middle. After, wipe the contaminated area of ammonia. Wash the product in warm soapy water. Follow the rules of the art safety. Avoid contact of turpentine with an open fire.
Fresh stains can be removed by purified gasoline. It is sold at the hardware store. Clean the product with solvent and sasteria a 10% strength solution of ammonia. At the end of procedure wipe the stain with denatured alcohol.
Car shampoo effectively removes stains from grease. It can be bought in specialized stores or big supermarkets. Apply the cleanser on the cloth. After some time, RUB the stain with a brush and wash the product in the usual way. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
Modern stain removers do an excellent job with contaminants of different origin. Apply a small amount onto the cloth. After 30-40 minutes, RUB the stain and rinse the cloth in running water.
To remove stains of grease can original way. Apply to the contamination of the margarine in an even layer and leave on for half an hour. Then asterite soap or dishwashing detergent. Rinse under running water. Fats are found in margarine, soften the grease. Therefore, contamination can be easily removed.
Apply to the contamination of the butter. After a few hours, scrub with sponge moistened in turpentine. Rinse and wash clothing with detergent for stubborn stains.
Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 500 ml of warm water. Moisten a cotton pad and treat the contaminated area. To avoid streaks, clean the stain from the edges to the middle.