You will need
  • - solvent;
  • - alcohol;
  • ether;
  • powder;
  • liquid for washing dishes.
Try removing the part of resin by mechanical means. If it is sticky, put in freezer and leave for a few hours to become hard. Then quickly scrape it. Usually after hardening of the resin becomes very brittle and effortlessly departs from the material.
If clothing is still a small spot, remove it with gasoline, kerosene, solvent or white spirit. Dampen a cotton pad, apply it to the resin and leave for a few minutes. Gently RUB with a clean soaked in a solution, after a time.
Remove the remnants of resin with things that can not be washed, medical or undiluted denatured alcohol. Wipe the product with a damp sponge. Usually after use of alcohol-containing substances on the clothing does not leave stains, but if it happens, treat them with a detergent for dishes.
Resin with leather perfectly removes oily substances. Soak a rag in olive or sunflower oil and wipe the stain. Then resort to using alcohol to remove fat from the surface of the material. This way, you can remove stains from resin with delicate fabrics.
Well soak a rag in ether and wipe the stain. After a short period of time, repeat the procedure. The resin should dissolve. If not, soak the very spot, then RUB it with a sponge and wash the product in soap solution.
Use the help of professionals, if the stain from the resin failed to remove or are you afraid to spoil a thing. You will lead the apparel in perfect order for a very reasonable cost, thus won't damage the color or fibers of the fabric.