Advice 1: As show engine oil

If engine oil gets on clothing, there will be trudnovato spot. And its usual powder did not withdraw. It penetrates deeply into the tissue structure, and therefore it is useless even to soak the thing.
As show engine oil
If the stain of the engine oil is fresh, it will be much easier to bring than the old one. First the contaminated area clean from dust. Then prepare the following tool. Magnesia powder mix mixed with air. This composition gently treat the contaminated area. RUB the paste need to the center from the edges of the spots. After all the ether will evaporate, brush gently to clean off chalk.
If a spot of lubricating oil was obtained for a long time, then there will help you another way. Prepare a mixture of turpentine and ammonia in equal amounts. The resulting composition RUB the spot. Leave the thing for a while. The stain should disappear. If not, then try to repeat the procedure. Then in warm soapy water simply wash the product. Remember that this sequence of actions is given not simply so, and it is not necessary to first wash the item, and then try to withdraw the stain. Before applying this composition, try it first in an inconspicuous place on a small piece of tissue to test it. This way you can find out safely whether the material will take the means.
After removal of stains from machine oil left a noticeable trace and manipulate not only the location of contamination, but the area around it. When removal of stains, try using a small plate. Wrap it in several layers of clean white cloth. Put the wrong side of the fabric. All procedures for the removal of oil stains spend only if there is no open flame or in a sufficiently ventilated area.
Useful advice
If by yourself get the stain from engine oil failed, contact the specialists in dry cleaning. There they can easily cope with such pollution, causing things no harm.

Advice 2: How to clean engine oil

Getting machine oil on various surfaces such as cloth, can ruin its appearance. In this case, one washing powder would not have to take additional measures for cleaning.
How to clean engine oil
You will need
  • - Mel;
  • - gasoline;
  • - turpentine;
  • soap.
When you remove engine oil from clothes use methods used to eliminate grease stains. If the clothes are dirty just use crushed chalk. Sprinkle it on the stain and leave it for a few hours. Then remove the chalk and check whether pollution. If necessary, repeat this cleaning again.
With the appearance of contamination on the wool fabric, moisten it with gasoline, diluted in equal parts with water. This method is acceptable for other tissues, but it should be used with caution - the gasoline can also leave stains that will come only at the dry cleaners.
To remove old stains, use soap mixed with gasoline. To 1 part of soap should have 10 parts of oil. This mixture is washed off later the same gasoline. This method is justified only for old spots, which is difficult to remove by other means.
For fabrics of cotton use to clean turpentine. After application the thing it is advisable to iron a preheated iron. If you use this method be careful - turpentine can cause burns and irritation on the skin.
Use tools to remove spots of industrial production. When buying, choose those that can get rid of grease stains. Please note that the use of bleach in this case will be useless.
After cleaning things wash it in warm water with detergent and soap. If the stain still will not go, turn to the dry cleaners. It is advisable to do this as early as possible, as the fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove.
For removal of engine oil from hard surfaces, e.g. asphalt, use special cleaning agents that are soluble in water. They can be purchased at some auto parts stores, as well as in the departments of household chemistry.
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