You will need:
Cold water
Soft brush
Washing powder
Hydrogen peroxide
How to wash the blood
Fresh blood wash off very easy – just place the stain under running cold water. Never wash blood-stained fabric in hot water in the composition of blood protein compounds, and the protein coagulates when heated.
How to wash the blood
If the stain has already absorbed and stains, dissolve 2 tablespoons salt in 1 litre of water and soak the thing in salt solution for 20 minutes. Attrite blood from fabric with a soft brush and rinse the product.
How to wash the blood
Fill the spot with hydrogen peroxide. Leave on for five minutes and rinse the fabric. If the fabric is dark or with weak staining, dilute the peroxide with water and do not keep long. Rinse with peroxide and sasteria the stain, sprinkle it with washing powder.
How to wash the blood
With a very fine and colored fabrics with unstable coloring, try to remove the stain with lemon juice. Apply the juice directly on the stain, and then sprinkle the powder and RUB with a soft wet brush. Rinse in cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times. .
How to wash the blood
Old and dried blood stains, try to clean according to the following scheme.
First, soak the item in large quantities of cool water for at least three hours.
You will need the powder, called Meat Tenderizer – meat tenderizer. It's a mixture of papain, papaya fruit extract, and ordinary table salt. Mix it with water in the ratio of one to two, the resulting paste, apply to stain and leave for half an hour. Brush off the dried mixture with a brush and rinse the product. The stain should disappear.
How to wash the blood
Useful tips:
On the market there are many chemicals to remove stains. Before you throw away clothes with the stubborn stain, try using one of them.

Of course, to wash blood stains maybe, but better to try to avoid such situations, after which they remain.
How to wash the blood