Advice 1: What to do if extort money

Perhaps every man once in your life meets with the extortion money. Most commonly it is the extortion of bribes by officials, teachers, those who have the money came in debt. If someone extorts money, what to do in this case? The answer is simple – to address in law enforcement bodies with the statement for extortion. Usually the culprit is arrested at the moment of transfer of money. But there are more complex cases.
What to do if extort money

For example, a person takes money in debt, after some time gets them, but the one who lent the money, still continues to insist that they had not been given. In this case, doesn't hurt to have witnesses, audio or video recordings of extortion that will be proof of guilt of the creditor in court. But the best way to avoid such situation is to borrow and lend money in debt only a receipt.

There are more serious and dangerous cases, when the bandits extort money. This situation requires no less attention than the previous one, because the bandits are a serious threat to the life of blackmailing. Most often, criminals extort money by threats from burning house to the murder of relatives. But sometimes they can cause serious harm to the health of blackmailing person. So in this case you should do and where to go if extort money? You can do this in three ways.

The first method involves the payment of the extortion money. But it does not guarantee that after the payment of the requested amount they will have to back off.

The second method is to start cussing and screaming, threatening extortionists article 163 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. They can be intimidating and leave you alone, but at the same time threats you can only piss off the bandits, which will suffer personally, your property or family.

A third way is to remain calm and buy time to find out more information, and ideally to record on tape or phone conversation where you have to extort money. You should not show that you categorically refuse payment of money. Carefully figure out what amount is needed to ransomware, where and when the money they should send. Then you need to contact the police where you explain how to deal with extortionists on.
In any case of extortion, it should be remembered that this is a criminal offense, punishable with jail and a huge fine. And the offender should be punished, because inactivity and iniquity only increase the number of cases of extortion of money.

Advice 2: How to give money at the receipt

From time to time in life there are situations when you urgently need money to solve any of life's problems. Some take on the work of an advance against future salary, other loan in the Bank, and still others prefer to borrow from relatives, friends and colleagues. If you are contacted with such a request, and you are ready to do it, don't forget to take the debtor's proper receipt.
How to give money at the receipt
The most correct approach to lending money – the conclusion of the loan agreement indicating the amount, term, interest, passport data of the creditor and the borrower. But in this role it may act as a receipt, because it meets the requirements of observance of the simple written form.
Of course, guarantees one hundred percent refund of debt or contract, no receipt can not give, but you will have a real opportunity to recover their money through the courts. So be sure to take from the borrower a written commitment of loan repayment.
If a loan ask friends or neighbors, usually no one hesitates to demand a receipt, but when it comes to close friends and relatives, this is why it is considered indecent. In fact, money these scruples are misplaced: life circumstances are different, it may happen that a friend or relative subsequently refuses to repay the debt, and you will have nothing to prove the validity of their claims in court.
Special requirements for the receipt no, but make sure to contain all essential terms: the loan amount in figures and words, the date of transfer of money, the repayment period, interest, surnames, names, patronymics of the borrower and the lender, passport data, registration address, signature of the debtor in earning money with its full interpretation.
The receipt is an important document proving the transfer of money, so take it seriously. Should not be used for these purposes, the first piece of newspaper or the reverse side of the flyers – just a blank sheet of paper.
Better if the debtor will write a receipt by hand: him so then it will be harder to give up authorship. Check its contents, please note that passport data of the original document.
Can be involved in the preparation of receipts of witnesses who with their signatures on it will record the fact of transfer of money. But the most optimal way – the transaction in the presence of the notary, certified by him, the receipt will not leave the borrower possibilities to evade the repayment of debt, referring to temporary memory loss, understanding, signing a document under pressure and threats, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, etc. So, borrowing a large amount, consult the services of a notary.
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