Set the volume level of the speakers on the computer at a minimum, go in the special menu. Go to "start", select "control Panel". A separate window opens control panel, where you should find the icon "Sounds and audio devices". Go into it and select "Volume." Set an acceptable volume level and click "OK".
Get a resistance of about 100 Ohms with a power of about 1-2 Watts, and connect in series with the speakers. Voltage resistance will interact with the audio playback and allow you to decrease the volume. You can also buy it in specialized shops nichrome spiral 1.0 to 0.5 kW and to make it extra resistance.
Solder the resistor to one wire that goes from the amplifier to the speaker. After that speaker will sound a bit quieter. This option is available only when a fixed volume, if not always increase and not decrease. Purchase a couple of dozen maroondah resistors in 5-10 Ohms and connect them in parallel. Ten parallel resistors by 10 Ohm will yield 1 Ohm. It is the total power.
Download online a special tool to adjust the sound volume. It will help you to increase/decrease or normalize sound in a separate file or group of files. To do this, open the file, the sound level which should be changed. Write in the window of utility required sound level, and the program automatically converts these files. Changes can be canceled and volume levels will return to their original state.
Box disassemble the column and pull out the speaker. Tension between the speaker and the hole for sound output (there is usually a special mesh fabric) piece of dense matter (if there is foam, you can use it).