You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - certificate of employment of parents;
  • - medical certificate (if the parents are ill);
  • - proof of income from all jobs.
To the grandmother to formalise child care, contact your employer a statement. Select the start date and the end of the vacation, bring a certificate of employment of parents of child that they do not use this kind of holidays, the birth certificate of the child. If the mother of the sick child and for this reason can not use the maternity leave, present a medical certificate.
If you plan to use unpaid leave to care for a child up to three years, the statement will require a separate. If mom or dad of the child have already begun to use a vacation, but are forced to interrupt you at any time will be able to contact the employer and write a statement about the need to care for a small child.
In accordance with the legislation the employer has no right to refuse you, no matter what form of ownership your business.
Leave to care for a child will be charged 40% of average earnings in 24 months. If grandma works for several employers, the application for vacation you need to write in all enterprises. The manual is available at the main place of work, but it is calculated based on all income over 24 months, so for its calculation will receive a certificate of incomes of the form 2-NDFL from all places of work and submit to the accounting Department at the principal place of work.
The minimum grants amount 2194,33 ruble per child and 4388,67 rubles to care for a second or two. The maximum allowance is equal than 13833,33 ruble.
The allowance for child care up to three years are not paid, but a bill to extend paid leave is under consideration.
If the employer refuses to grant you leave to care for a child, you can contact the labour Inspectorate or the labour, since the refusal is a direct violation of Russian law and with the involvement of the competent authorities.