Maternity leave

Every woman living and working in Russia, can go on maternity leave associated with her pregnancy and the birth of a baby. Few people know that the whole period of maternity leave is divided into several parts.

Leave for pregnancy and childbirth, a woman can use when the term of her pregnancy will exceed 30 obstetric weeks. In order to go on paid leave, she should take in the antenatal clinic of the hospital sheet, write a statement of the established sample and to transmit these documents to the personnel Department.
All paid will be reimbursed to the employer by the state, as pregnancy and rosenie baby is insured.

Take advantage of this kind of holiday may be the only pregnant employee. Grandmother, husband or any other relatives I can not do that. The vacation lasts only 140 days. If childbirth experience any complications, it can be extended. Relax a little longer necessary and those employees who have simultaneously had two or more kids.

After the holiday associated with pregnancy and the birth of a baby, a woman has the right to apply for leave for child care up to 1.5 years, and then, if necessary, she can extend it up to and until the baby turns 3 years old.

Grandma and other relatives on maternity leave

To care for a child up to 1.5 years or even 3 years may not only the boy's mother and grandmother, or other relatives. In this case, it is important that care is provided only to 1 member of the family, while the mom will continue to work. However, the person caring for the child will be able to leave it officially.

If the family situation is developing in such a way that the boy's mother is more profitable to work, and the father or grandmother at this time to sit with the child, they may do so. At the end of 140 days of leave a young mother can get to work.

Grandmother or any other person actually caring for the baby, should write his or her work application that she needed a vacation. Thus it is necessary to attach all the necessary documents, including a certificate from the work place mom baby that it is eligible for vacation not used.
To take leave to care for a baby is also the man who took custody of the child or who adopted him.

The employer is obliged to release the baby's grandmother on vacation and to pay her monthly allowance equal to 40% of its monthly income for the 2 preceding calendar years. If the employer refuses to meet its obligations, you can contact the Labour Inspectorate or to write a statement to the court.