Before treating the intended disease, go to a therapist and consult on this issue. At the same time and follow a routine inspection, of course, if you have not visited the hospital. The doctor will prescribe a preparation containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Take it as it is written in the annotation. It should be noted that some drugs need to drink before meals, others after meals. If you do everything with precision. on the contrary, the effectiveness of the drug to decrease slightly.
Buy "Bifidumbacterin" in vials or bags. You will need more and a syringe Janet ( microclysters). Dilute 2 doses of bacteria in 5 ml of warm water. With a syringe enter the solution into the rectum and lie down for about 30 minutes. Microclysters faster help to restore intestinal flora, as the beneficial bacteria are digested almost completely, which is not observed in oral administration.
To restore the intestinal flora and with food. Daily drink of about 500 ml of kefir, sour milk or eat 300 grams of sour cream. During treatment avoid sour and spicy foods, also stick to low calorie but not starvation diet. Gradually, the intestinal flora will be restored.