The restoration of the intestinal microflora is impossible without a diet. So for 3 months exclude from the diet of milk (except the Mare), fresh bread, potatoes, sugar and confectionery products, as well as fatty, fried, canned, pickled and contain dyes, stabilizers and other harmful food ingredients. Make a daily menu with a predominance of vegetables, fruits, herbs, mostly without heat treatment.
While eating chew your food properly so the digestive process has already begun under the influence of saliva and in the stomach and intestines took place subsequent breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Do not overeat, because it filled the stomach is not able to digest large amounts of food. As a result, it can cause fermentation and putrefaction. Having got into this state in the intestine, it will lead to imbalance of the micro flora, i.e. dysbiosis.
Not to wash down food. This will cause an effect similar to crowded stomach and fermentation of food. Drink water 30 minutes before a meal and 1-2 after. In hot weather or when eating dry food too take it with a small amount of water, acidified with lemon juice. For the entire period of recovery of the intestinal microflora do not take any drinks besides water. Exclude tea, coffee, juices, compotes, milk. Only kefir, it is desirable to use it for 1-2 hours before bedtime.
Use pharmacy drugs inhibit the reproduction of pathogens – bacteriophages. And probiotics (friendly flora) along with drugs that promote their reproduction (prebiotics). Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective.
In addition to pharmaceutical drugs to restore the microflora use folk remedies of plant origin. Every day eat some fresh berries or dried cranberries. If there is no inclination to high blood pressure and kidney disease, eat before meals 1-2 tbsp cabbage brine in the form of heat. Gradually increase the amount to half glass.
Be sure to eat in the morning on an empty stomach clove of garlic (without chewing) or take pharmaceutical preparations of garlic capsules. Include garlic in all the dishes. In addition, it inhibits the development of pathogenic flora, it also regenerates the intestinal mucosa.
The recovered microflora is easy to break, so don't forget about the follow-up prevention – a balanced diet, timely intake of water, personal hygiene and food hygiene (eating quality food).