The problem is that removing the username and / or password by pressing the key “DEL” in the row for a login/password, the text will be deleted only for the current session. Should reload the login page as the username and password automatically filled in, just press "Enter" and the user logs in to your account, although not know the password, but the password remembers your browser. How to remove passwords from the browser?
In different browsers it is different. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, select menu "tools", select "Internet options". In the opened window go to the tab "Content". Scroll to "Autocomplete" and click "Settings". In the window that appears in the category "Use padding for..." to clear the check boxes next to "Forms" and "user Names and passwords on forms" and click "OK". This will disable the saving of passwords and logins.
And in order to remove already saved data, select the General tab and find browsing history, then click on the "Delete" button. In the new window, under Data web forms" and "Passwords", click "Delete forms" and "Delete".
If you use Opera, go to menu "Tools" and select "Settings". Click the "Wand" and remove the checkmark opposite the text "the Wand remember passwords", then click "OK".
To get rid of previously saved passwords in Opera, click "Passwords" in the opened window, select the lines with passwords, and then click "Uninstall".
In Firefox is somewhat different: in tools, select the sub-item "Settings" and in the appeared window select the section "Privacy". Unit history select "remember history".
Users of the browser Google Chrome and Chromium need to click on the spanner and select "Settings". In the left block of Settings, select "Personal stuff". In the right part of the screen next to "Passwords", select "never save passwords" and remove the check box next to AutoFill forms.
To remove already saved password, click the button "Manage saved passwords..." and select the sites whose passwords you want to clear. Remove passwords by pressing the cross button.