You will need
  • check in the email or on any website;
  • - access to the Internet.
Log in to your profile without having to constantly enter login and password handy, but insecure. Therefore, in the case when the computer have access to additional, preferred to refuse from offered by online resources the possibility to automatically save the credentials.
To choose this function at any time. Even if you used this option. Just go to the home page of the website, social network or mail service, and disable the ability to save a password.
In the email to cancel the automatic memorization is possible, even without going to your e-mail. Open the home page you use the mailer and in the window where you are required to enter a username and password, leave it blank option to "Save password". Also you can visit "Settings", where you will need to choose "Security" section in settings to prevent saving the login. This step is one of the most important. After all, knowing the username and answer the security question, the attacker will be able to change the password. And this, in turn, would jeopardize the safety and confidentiality available in your mailbox data.
With possible computer access of other persons do not want to save the password in social networks. To unsubscribe from this convenient but not always safe for your account options are also available from the home page. Enter in the special field for their credentials before you enter the site, leave a blank window, which is located next to the inscription "Remember password" or "Save password".
Most browsers when you enter the login, password, also offers to remember them. If you don't need to automatically remember the data, discard this feature. To adjust it also you can go to the menu "Settings" of your browser.