In the program Opera cleaning logins can be performed using the menu item "Settings". Look for the words "Delete private data". In the window that appears should be the item "Detailed setting". Click on it. This action will cause the appearance of additional list. In it click on the words "Manage passwords". You will see a list of web sites in which you entered the credentials. Select sites to delete the related usernames.
To remove the list of logins in Mozilla Firefox, select in the main top menu category "Tools". In the drop-down list select "clear recent history". The program will offer a choice of several treatment options of the saved data. To remove usernames select "form history and search." You can specify the period of time for which it has been added new logins. To do this, click the drop-down list at the top of the window, which is next to "Open". Then, select the appropriate time period. Confirm your choice by pressing the corresponding.
If you visit Internet resources using Internet Explorer to remove unneeded logins you can also visit the relevant sites. Hover over the field of authorization of the site that matches username, and select options. You can move around the list using the arrow buttons on the keyboard. Remove the usernames, by clicking on each of them the Delete key.
To clean lists of logins in Google Chrome, click on settings button with the wrench icon. In the open Toolbox, click "Options". The browser will open a page with lots of settings. Examine the left part of the page and find the words "Unwanted materials." Click on it. Open an additional window "Manage saved passwords" link which is located on the right side of the page. Now you can hover over the desired site and clicking on the that appears in the upper right corner, a cross to delete a login.