Storing passwords in the browser is convenient but insecure, Trojans have learned to steal passwords from all popular browsers. Given that theft of a password can bring the user a lot of problems, on offer browser save the password, you should select "Never offer to save passwords".
What if the password is already saved? They should be removed. If you work in the Opera browser, to delete the password, select in the menu: "Tools" - "Delete private data". In the opened window alert, expand the list and select the data that you want to remove – they should be marked birds. To remove the password needs to be marked the string "Delete saved passwords". Click the "Delete" button, all passwords will be erased.
In Opera there is another way of removing the passwords, it is useful if you don't want to erase all passwords. Open: Tools - General settings - "Forms". Click "Passwords", select the website, the password for which you want to delete and click Delete.
If you do not want to enter each time the password again, you can apply a small trick: save in the browser, the incorrect password isdifferent from the present one or two characters. For example, a saved password may not be enough for a single character at the end. In this case, the password will be automatically entered into the form, then you will only have to finish the last symbol. Alternatively, you can remove the last incorrect character and substitute correct. Even stealing the password, the hacker will not be able to use it.
For safe operation in the network divide your passwords into two types. The first are the passwords required for registration on is not too important to you. For example, many resources to download programs or view the link you need to register. You will cherish this account, therefore, use in such cases, the standard login and password, which you well know and will not forget. Conversely, mailbox and other important services use strong unique passwords.