To take a screenshot of the desktop or part of it – the window of any running program, it is very simple. For a snapshot of the entire screen or desktop, press PrintScreen (PrtScr SysRq). Usually it is located next to the buttons “Backspace” and “Insert” in the top row of the keyboard.
For a picture of the screen – running in the program window – you need to make the program window active by clicking on the header with the left mouse button, and hold on the keyboard key combination Alt + PrtScr.
After this action, the screenshot will be saved in the cache memory of the computer. Now we need to translate the cache in graphics. To do this, run the program “Paint”, which is in standard Windows programs. In the top menu editor "Paint", click "Insert" and in the working field, you will see the resulting image. To save a photo of the screen without losing image quality, select "Save as". In the window that appears, select the file type – PNG (*.png) and enter to screenshot name.
On this take a screenshot of your desktop is complete.