Undoubtedly, the most beautiful pictures produces professional equipment: SLR camera with several diverse lenses, lighting equipment, plus a laptop or even huge stationary monitor for handling frames. But all this equipment does not take journey for a walk or even a cottage to friends, while life is full of great shots unexpectedly. And then comes to the aid of a smartphone.

Of course, even the most complex smartphones vary in their capabilities, camera and video, as well as a set of features for subsequent processing frames.

Among modern smartphones is the absolute flagships, capable of delivering a great professional image. One of these is undoubtedly the Huawei P9, whose owner immediately becomes the owner of high-quality imaging equipment and photo lab in one pocket-sized gadget.

The smartphone has a camera with optics Leiсa, which is supported by two sensors. One of them is responsible for the color image, and the other for black and white. Last used as interesting additions to the usual shooting, and for shooting in the dark. Thus, Huawei P9 even in poor light conditions make good images. System for measuring depth-of-field and dual-core processor frames allow you to quickly focus the image, to create bright and sharp photos.

In Huawei P9 laid a complete basic set of photo-editing features. Immediately after you create a snapshot, you can align the horizon, crop the frame, removing unnecessary objects, change the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. If installed in the smartphone a special application of Snapseed, you can make color corrections to selective areas of the frame, spot correction of objects with a brush, remove unwanted objects and much more. All this is displayed on the Full HD display of 5.2", which delivers natural color reproduction and high contrast images.

Important function Huawei P9, which are deprived of many smartphones - supports uncompressed RAW format. Such opportunity is given only to very serious digital camera. If the formats JPEG and TIFF are ready, automatically processed images, the RAW format analogue film negative. It gives more opportunities for further processing of filmed material and create a truly professional quality images.

And to discover all the possibilities of professional photography with a cutting-edge smartphone you can, watch our first video of a special series dedicated to mobile photography.