Advice 1: What is the auto focus in the phone

Autofocus is a device built into the mobile phone camera. The module automatically suggests the optics of the lens to the desired point in the frame by defining its distance and location. The autofocus technology allows to obtain better images with correctly adjusted sharpness and without the use of additional settings.
What is the auto focus in the phone

Autofocus in mobile phones

Auto focus is a mandatory part of the chamber of most modern mobile phones. This is necessary because often it is the only way to adjust the sharpness of the image to obtain a frame of the required quality. And if a full camera often there is the possibility to adjust the focus manually, lot of mobile phones do not have this capability, and therefore improve the quality of the image in other ways will not work.

Using autofocus

In mobile phones and smartphones, the auto focus function is activated by default and is used in conjunction with any image. To focus, simply press the function key of the apparatus for the product image. Also, many phones record the current frame by clicking on the appropriate area of the touch screen. The device will automatically determine the entity about which you want to adjust the focus and produce the desired picture.

Modern mobile phones also support more full auto focus mode, which is realized using the shutter button of the camera. To customize settings the user is required to press down to about half. This allows the camera to focus, zoom and brightness.

After triggering the autofocus and the receipt of a corresponding signal the user to press a button to trigger the shutter. The same applies to the focus assist button on the touch screens – the user should press and hold a finger on the key until until the camera locks focus. Releasing the finger, the user will generate the to be stored in the memory device.


However, autofocus technology there are some drawbacks. It often happens that the auto focus can't determine the object, relative to which you want to perform sharpening. Sometimes camera is not able to find a few objects to focus on, which also reduces the quality of the picture.

However, with the release of each new mobile device technology auto focusing is improved and its functioning improves, which allows you to take good quality shots. Also some modern devices are equipped with setting options to manual focus, which will allow to solve these problems in the work of some of the pictures.

Advice 2: How to enable autofocus

Autofocus provides automatic aiming of the lens in the frame and a sharpness setting. Modes autofocus on most cameras is the same as the working principle. This function has different settings which allow the photographer to set the camera for filming almost any photos.
How to enable autofocus
To enable autofocus on many professional and semi-professional cameras use a special switch that can be installed in two modes: AF or M. AF: a standard abbreviation for the function name of sensor M includes a manual sharpening. If the camera this switch is absent, then the mode selection is carried out via the corresponding menu item. If you can't find this function, use the manual for the camera, which usually comes in the kit.
On some cameras, the autofocus also has various modes. AF-A is responsible for fully automatic adjustment of field of a picture. The camera automatically determines the object on which to focus. This function is appropriate for most frames.
Mode AF-S allows you to shoot static scenes, such as landscapes or portraits. AF-C includes a mode in which the camera is focused on a moving subject until, until you press the shutter button. This function is well suited for shooting fast moving objects in the frame.
Some cameras have the function of setting the AF area, which can be adjusted manually. In most cases, is suitable focus on the nearest object. This option in the settings is the icon of the white rectangle. The dynamic area allows you to make a more accurate adjustment for focus for moving subjects in the frame, and the operating point (Single Point) can be used to adjust the focus on a specific area in the frame. This feature is useful when you know what exactly should be in focus – for example, the human eye in a portrait.
For most personnel can recommend the use of automatic mode AF-A, because in most cases it does its job and does not require the photographer works specific. If any of the specific points of focus did not suit you, only then should adjust any parameters.
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