To fool the stomach

First assistant in the deception of the stomach. Two cups of this liquid, of course, without gas, drink 15 minutes before any meal. And only after that you can sit at the table. The water will help to fill the stomach and reduce the amount of food that it will fit.
Breakfast that contains a lot of protein will reduce the appetite for the whole day, giving a feeling of satiety. For example, you can treat yourself to a cheese or scrambled eggs with a piece of meat.

Sweets can be absorbed only in the company of tea, and with the calculation: when eating one candy is consumed one Cup, just for one biscuit, waffles and other things. Of course, you can in one sitting to cram into itself, and a box of chocolates, but hardly with them will get and 20 cups of tea.

To start to eat better with vegetable salad, which, like water, fills the stomach contains a minimal amount of calories. Snacks to make possible and even necessary, but they use vegetables and sliced fruit that needs to replace bad chips and chocolate bars.

Soups, grind into a puree much longer in the stomach, creating a pleasant feeling of satiety. Particularly useful vegetable varieties, which belong to low-calorie dishes.

Tricks for the brain

For meals, you should choose a small dish, and apply it more. Then the brain thinks that the body eats a lot of food. If in a big plate to put a small portion of the impression on a subconscious level that the organism ate very little and would have little to add.

Grey, blue and grey beat off the appetite, so dishes such shades will help to pacify your insatiable brain. But red or orange on the contrary will stimulate appetite and make you eat more than you need to the stomach.

The habit to eat in front of the TV or laptop must be abandoned, because such tasks the brain does not have time to notice that the body already ate, and begins to demand something else. Every meal must necessarily happen in the kitchen and without any extraneous stimuli.

Food should not be just piled on a plate in a chaotic manner: in a beautiful design the brain receives emotional saturation. And no need to put on the table all the contents of the refrigerator, because it will immediately want to eat everything. The best option is to do one or two dishes, which must have, necessarily, thoroughly chewing.