Dramatically eliminate some time from your diet the carbohydrates and you will notice that the waist becomes thinner, the legs thinner, the fat will begin to melt before our eyes. But you can also mention the negative consequences – lack of power, your batteries for the evening will be on the wane, apathy, irritability, unwillingness to do anything. Needless to say that with this regime you will not have enough forces even to the minimum degree of physical and social activity. And all from what? And from the fact that carbohydrates are not so simple, because there are simple and complex. Some are vital, while others simply make the waist wider.

Simple and complex carbohydrates and diet

The length of time necessary for the assimilation of carbohydrates, gave the name "simple" and "complex" carbohydrates. Though both are fuel for the body, the effects are different, and the impact on the figure.

Simple or bad carbohydrates are digested instantly, causing a spike in blood glucose, then there is a sharp drop in blood sugar levels, and we very quickly begin to feel sharp hunger. Thus, we have to eat often and a lot of what the result is, you know.

Which contains simple carbohydrates:




-sweet fruit;

white polished rice;


juices in packages.

For weight loss it is necessary to dramatically reduce consumption of these products, and to maintain health too.

Complex or useful carbohydrates have a complex structure and long absorbed by the body. Thus, they slowly and steadily release sugar in the blood, keeping it at the necessary level. As a result, a long feeling of satiety and lack of appetite of a wolf. Complex carbohydrates – a necessary component of the daily diet.

Containing complex carbohydrates:

-whole wheat bread;





Low-carb diet

What are the advantages of a low carbohydrate diet – so that you don't need any special products or mode for its observance. All you need is to stop eating useless simple carbohydrates in the form of sweets, buns, bread. However, permanent rigid restriction of the diet is fraught with leaching of body minerals. Very useful to include a week of low-carb diet every three months to prevent increase of body weight, obesity and diabetes.