You should pay special attention that the fat is not completely excluded, as it is a critical component of life support. It affects hormone production, creating protective layers for the internal organs and approximately 30% of it consists of cell membranes. Even this brief review is enough to understand the importance of fat in of life.

Why do fat a cut if it is needed by the body? It is high in calories. One gram of fat carries about 9 calories, while carbohydrates and proteins – 4 calories. The average body fat for the average person is 40 grams, but it is less. Need to reach such a figure in which the body is functioning normally, but it turns out the calorie deficit.

Products with high fat content not so much how often think. These include different oils (vegetable, butter), meat products (sausage, sausages), fatty meat, cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, a variety of sweets (candy, cakes) and so on. Should be excluded from the diet of fried food (for example, meat is boiled, steamed or grilled). Dairy products choose low in fat, and best of all low fat.

The basis of this diet are light foods such as rice, buckwheat, cottage cheese (low-fat), mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, seafood. In other words, everything that without fat, or with minimal content. Follow a low-fat diet cannot be classified as healthy food as the lack of fat can cause a deficiency of certain vitamins. Such a diet should be applied only as a means of weight loss and not for a long period.

According to people who have experience with diets of this kind, such a diet is easily assimilated by the body. People quickly adapt to the new environment, which guarantees a stable result.