In some cases, not the abdominals during pregnancy?

Exercise is useful for the health of the pregnant woman, but it must be dosed and balanced. Yoga, swimming, gymnastics, Hiking can harm the body if there are no contraindications. But more significant loads should be taken more seriously. So, any yoga exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body are private or the extra weight can be hazardous for the expectant mother. This is especially true of abdominal. In the first trimester of pregnancy the likelihood of miscarriage more, any excessive load may lead to disastrous results, especially in physically untrained women.

Doctors refuse to recommend training the abdominal muscles of women who had not engaged in such exercises before pregnancy. In this case, muscles are weak, the body still does not know how to distribute the load, the probability of overvoltage is very large, and the effort not worth the result – after a while the stomach would interfere with the exercise, and in such a short period of time to achieve a strong muscles which can help during childbirth, it is impossible.

Even the most experienced athletes and avid fans of fitness, you should give up exercise at the press with the threat of abortion. Any malaise, spotting, lower abdominal pain in first trimester is a reason to go to the doctor and in any case not to expose themselves to physical exercise.

And finally, you need to discontinue lessons if you feel unwell. Even if before conception the woman was strong and hardy, a few years did the exercises, pregnancy can dramatically change her health and condition.

In what cases can the abdominals during pregnancy?

Before taking a decision on further sports activities, especially about crunches, you need to seek the advice of a physician. If the gynecologist does not reveal threats of termination, will evaluate your health status as excellent and will make sure your experience, it can solve the exercises on the press in Lite mode. This means that you need twice or second to reduce the load, depending on health, to abandon the exercise lying on your back and engage very carefully in the first two months, until the placenta is formed.

Make a decision not only based on the permission of a doctor. Rate your state: if you are pregnant rocked the press less than six months, if you did from time to time, but not on a regular basis, if you are not able to find the appropriate exercises that upper abs greater load than the lower, if you have doubts about your physical condition, avoid crunches. Better to be safe than sorry error. Otherwise, you can continue training but reduce the load to low and very gradually, making sure their well-being, increase. Pick up along with coach these exercises that will not harm the baby. A good example is sitting on a chair and legs, raise and lower them.