This period is characterized by the fact that most of the kids actively occupied exclusively with the knowledge of the properties of the various objects of the environment. For any baby furniture, clothing, games and other, are objects for research. How to improve the process of cognition of the environment? To answer this question and created a special toy to bring attention to themselves and to ensure the good process of the development of logic, motor skills and other specific skills.

What are my options for purchase?

The main producers of goods for children are Kiddieland, Simba, Chicco and some others, representing a large and quality selection of accessories for children's play, allowing in the process to obtain some useful skills and develop certain functions of the body. Here's a list of categories that are actively recommended by doctors and educators, in order not to get lost in the huge variety of products for children, as well as to get positive tendencies in development.

The tables

Recommended for children aged nine months or more. Aimed at the development of the motor system, as well as help to make acquaintance with the variety of colors, numbers and animals.

Music box

For use recommended for use from birth with, because it is easy to operate and well develop the ear and attention of the child.

Here are a few simple tips, guided by which, selecting toys many times easier:

1. It is necessary to adequately understand what the age of the child, and based on this fact, to choose the subject for the game. At present, all presented on the market of toys marked specifically by age, and if necessary, read the instructions, determining whether the device is the baby or not.

2. It is not necessary to stop the choice on the subject with numerous small details