Do not try to choose the most colorful of all the toys for the little ones. In the first months of life the color perception of the child is still ill-formed, so a large number of bright or colourful parts will not develop in his understanding into a coherent picture. Better stop your choice on a simple toy, painted in two contrasting colors.
Check the toy for safety. From it should not be separated parts or threads, because all that the child sees in front of him at this age, he will taste. In addition, try to choose clothing well-known manufacturers, firms with a world name have high demands to plastic, fabrics and fillers that are used in the manufacture of products.
Follow the advice of the manufacturer on the packaging. Symbols and figures will help you to understand the suitability of the toy for the baby's specific age, or it is too early to deliver her baby.
Choose a toy based on the real possibilities of the child. At the age of one month, the baby is not able to press buttons on the toy or finding the correspondence between the size and shape of the parts. At this time it is better to give him something convenient to grab clumsy fingers. The ideal option would be a conventional beanbag or soft strap, which is sewn on the face or detail. It is important that the movement of the toy was making the sound, it will allow you to develop a care of the crumbs of his auditory senses and the grasp reflex, he at first instinctively and then consciously will drag handles to ringing the subject.
Pay attention to modern toys from the combined soft fabrics, such as fleece, woven fabric and faux fur. Different to the touch, they allow to develop tactile and fine motor skills of the child. Furthermore, inside some parts can be sewn rustling plastic elements.