Interestingly the child in 11-12 months?

At this age the baby is curious about everything. If he has already learned to walk, it does it all the time. This new skill opens a lot of possibilities: now he's trying to reach out to all that can get. He grabs everything in its path and tries a taste. Therefore, the child can not leave.

In this period there is a spurt in physical development of the baby. He likes to overcome obstacles. For example, climbing on the couch, climb under the table. This feature can be used in organising games for the child.

Baby begins to listen to the different sounds, also he likes music. This is the right time for the development of musical abilities.

In this age group begins to occur, the socialization of the child. This is manifested in the fact that the baby is interested in the behavior of adults. He copies their behavior, sometimes provokes a conflict situation in order to observe the reaction. Parents should know about it and not to succumb to provocation.

Which toys to occupy a toddler?

At the age of 11-12 months, the child likes anything that moves. He tries to move even that must not move. So he likes different cars that you can pull the ribbon, walkers, wheelchairs, strollers. Many children come to the delight of ball that you throw, kick, and then watch as it slides, and catch him.

You can offer the kid the multi-colored cubes. The child at this age are already able to build their tower. Parents can join the game and help baby learn about colors. For example, you can build red, yellow, green, blue tower.

For a long time can take your baby to different musical instruments. These toys also develop an ear for music.

The child may like the first joint with the parents role play with soft toys or dolls. These toys can be fed, put to bed, led on a walk. They can explore the parts of the body and face.

And, of course, the kid will appreciate books with colorful illustrations. It is advisable to offer the child a cardboard or tissue specimens – they will last longer. Not all children at this age are ready to listen to adults read, but the images will be viewed with great pleasure.

Join in children's games, help your child to explore the world. Remember that a child's brain for up to three years can easily absorb any information. Use this ability now, and you will grow a smart baby!