A win-win gift toy

The gift should be useful, both for the child and for his parents. Month old baby is not yet able to grip things with his hands, but distinguishes vivid colors, responds well to sounds, looks with interest at what stands out. So a good gift will always be a big rattle or toy-suspension, which can be attached to the wall of the crib or stroller. Importantly, she was a beautiful, brightly colored, with no small parts. This toy is sure to attract the attention of the baby. Particularly well suited suspension, which when rocking makes a quiet jingle.
In the shop you can see such mobile toys of various configurations, for example, there are pendants that have a built in projector.

You can donate diapers or means to care for baby's skin. Supply of diapers for 1-2 months, presented in a gift sure to please the parents of the child, and will benefit the baby. A good gift will be a children's cosmetics: various creams, powders. You can give the finished nursery a first aid kit.
Better to check with the parents of the baby what baby care products they prefer.

Buy the book, because kids need to read since childhood. Try to keep the drawings were bright and large.

Gift "for the future"

If all the above seems too trivial, you can safely gift designed for older children, with the words: "This is big!" Play Mat, playpen, table – rocking, and more will surely delight both parents of the celebrant, and himself, when he's a little older.

Many people follow the custom of giving a child a silver spoon, when he cut the first tooth. But it is also possible to present beforehand, when the baby is 1 month old.

You can also give the child a set of clothes to grow into. Or to present some appliances, which will use the mother of the kid when he gets a little older, for example blender-steamer.

Finally, good gift option – money. Hand the child's parents an envelope with the words: "We have long thought that to give a little, and decided that mom and dad know best!" Then you can be sure that the baby really will be done is needed and useful gift. If the money is awkward to give, purchase a gift certificate to the store.