Baby bother burning and itching, especially after urination and defecation. He sleeps badly, eats and constantly acting out.

In order to prevent the disease, you need to follow a few simple rules. First and most importantly - the baby's skin should be clean. Diapers and diaper needs to be changed in process of pollution. And the second is the air bath. Very useful the baby to leave without any clothes on even for a few minutes. If the room is cool, you can cover the linen.

After each urination of a baby, you can wipe it with special wipes, and after the act of defecation is necessary to wash away with warm water and lubricate with baby oil, cream or use the powder. Also, don't overuse disposable diapers, as it turns out the effect of the compress, it increases irritation from urine and feces. The acrid contents of the intestine irritate baby's skin until the chemical burn, and the presence of feces in the vagina of a girl can cause inflammation. They should only be used on a walk or during a visit or the clinic.

If the baby, despite good care, still had nappy rash need to take urgent measure to remedy. First, is to eliminate disposable diapers. Second, to wash the baby with warm water before each diapering, thoroughly dry all skin folds with a soft napkin, and let him know, wallow in it naked for a few minutes. Relieve itching and soothe the delicate skin of the baby will help bath with a decoction of chamomile, celandine or series. And thirdly, you need to lubricate the sore place of zinc ointment or cream "Panthenol".