Advice 1: How to treat diaper rash baby

The skin of the newborn baby's thin and delicate, it is susceptible to injury and inflammation. The most common problem that occurs in a newborn baby's skin is diaper rash. The question of how to treat problems with the skin of a child, occurs in many new mothers. Diaper rash must be treated. We can not let this state of the child to chance and to hope that it was all gone. Without proper treatment they can spread to other areas of the skin and are not excluded complications such as fungal and bacterial infections.
How to treat diaper rash baby
You will need
  • water;
  • -baby soap;
  • -diaper cream;
  • creams Bepanthen or Drapolen;
  • -methyluracyl ointment or tannic.
When changing diapers or diaper is well tempted child. The skin after washing dry towel with gentle strokes. After that, leave the baby for 10-20 minutes to lie down naked so that the skin is dry.
Folds of baby skin oil baby diaper rash cream or a special cream-milk. Only after these procedures it is possible to put on a child's clean nappy or wrap it in a clean, dry the ironed diaper.
If during the day of relief has not come, then you need to use a healing protective ointment (Bepanten or Drapolen). If the diaper rash does not disappear, but rather extends to nearby areas of the skin and the appearance of cracks and pustules, should see a doctor. He will tell you how to treat diaper rash baby.
Usually the doctor prescribes in addition to the above activities, the use of special mixtures, which are manufactured by prescription at the pharmacy. It is composed of a substance that dries the skin. In addition to these mixtures is often prescribed irradiation of the affected skin with ultraviolet light and their lubrication applied topically or tannic ointment.
Useful advice
For bathing, use a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If the child is not allergic to herbs, then bathing can be used decoctions of herbs (e.g., oak bark). You can spend a warm sitz baths with the use of decoctions of herbs. The temperature of such baths should not exceed 38оС, and the length should be 5-8 minutes.

Advice 2 : Look like diaper rash in the newborn

To care for a newborn baby, most importantly, a careful examination of his body to several times a day, the rapid removal of drugs and hygiene items primary stages of skin problems. In order to know how to deal with diaper rash in baby, you need to have an idea of how they look and what triggers their appearance.
Look like diaper rash in the newborn
Diaper rash if they are, you will notice as soon as remove the nappy with the baby to change it for fresh. First, the baby's skin appears red spot. It can be of different sizes and capture small or large areas of the body of the newborn. Then, if the redness is not to care and not to remove the first symptoms of the disease means that the problem could get worse.
On the skin along with the redness can appear visible white and red pimples. Most often, the rash appears around the hips of the baby, his buttocks. Rarely in the armpits, in the folds of the neck. The skin can be at the site of inflammation, as excessively wet or dry.
Can diaper rash manifest differently. First, there are their precursors – small reddish spots, which few people pay attention. Then they merge into a single bright red spot that bothers the kid, makes him cry, does not sleep. If is added to the issue of bacterial infection, such rash may be accompanied by the appearance of ulcers, purulent yellow spots on a background of redness, increased temperature.
Redness and diaper rash are caused by various reasons. This introduction into the child's diet of new products, blends, are also frequent stools, skin of the baby urine, the friction on her stitches clothes or diapers. But the chief cause of diaper rash remains a surplus of moisture on the skin, especially if the child long does not change diapers or reusable diapers.
The pediatrician or by a pediatric dermatologist baby rash on the skin show that if alone with them can not cope, and problem areas become festering sores. The physician in this case prescribed for calming and skin treatment ointments, or gels with antibiotics.
As soon as you notice a small reddish pimples or redness in the folds of baby's skin with the inner side of the thighs, the butt, the neck, the cheeks - to create optimal conditions for healing of the skin. As often as possible, change the diapers of the baby. Don't leave it in a diaper all night.
Day shifts between regular diaper keep baby for several minutes naked in a clean, dry diaper so that the skin "breathed". Tempted of the child and the wet folds on his skin clean, soft cloth. Do not RUB the baby's skin during hygienic procedures.
Apply a special soap that contains anti-inflammatory oils, plant extracts, zinc oxide. When you put it on once again fresh diaper, not too tightly fastened it on the child's body to the air between the diaper and skin circulate.
Try washing the children's clothes, diapers, cloth diapers do not use irritating detergents and conditioners.
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