You will need
  • water;
  • -baby soap;
  • -diaper cream;
  • creams Bepanthen or Drapolen;
  • -methyluracyl ointment or tannic.
When changing diapers or diaper is well tempted child. The skin after washing dry towel with gentle strokes. After that, leave the baby for 10-20 minutes to lie down naked so that the skin is dry.
Folds of baby skin oil baby diaper rash cream or a special cream-milk. Only after these procedures it is possible to put on a child's clean nappy or wrap it in a clean, dry the ironed diaper.
If during the day of relief has not come, then you need to use a healing protective ointment (Bepanten or Drapolen). If the diaper rash does not disappear, but rather extends to nearby areas of the skin and the appearance of cracks and pustules, should see a doctor. He will tell you how to treat diaper rash baby.