Training is mostly conducted on the streets, on playgrounds. But there are closed platforms, they are especially popular in cold and rainy weather. Many train together with your friends, thereby supporting and helping each other. Some exercises even require the assistance of a partner. Training is based on the use of its own weight and the available inventory, but without weighting. For example, almost all training is conducted with the help of parallel bars, benches, horizontal bars and rings.

The principles of training

It must be said that for these athletes their occupation is not a profession and not a hobby, but a way of life, an integral part of it. First, vercoutere adhere to the Eastern philosophy. They do not put themselves in comparison with other people and rely only on your experience, change and improve within yourself. Secondly, the main thing – to achieve their goals, not to abandon his words and never give up. Thirdly, all you need to know the measure. Not to train to unconsciousness, not to sacrifice quality technique exercises for more reps. And of course, training regularly, the training schedule should not be abrupt. Finally, athletes very seriously monitor their diet. For them, a balanced diet should not lower the quality of training. In the diet of follower workout vegetables, complex carbohydrates (whole grains), meat and fish. In short, those products that contain the necessary vitamins and nutrients for our body.

Effect on the body and the body

Physical activity has been proven to cause arousal, pleasant feelings and a sense of joy. Of course when one is passionate about the sport that he chose. And fans of the workout though I feel exhausted after a workout, but happy. They again proved to myself that I can become stronger, bolder and better. Basically, the emphasis of the exercises done for the upper body: the muscles of the arms, chest, back and abs. Therefore, these athletes are easy to find on developed, muscular and strong body. And for use in training its own weight, they are dried and lean body, low body fat and good endurance.

Workout – a great alternative to unhealthy lifestyle for those who have no money or opportunities to attend gyms and fitness centers. And most importantly, this sport can be practiced at any age, it has almost no contraindications, does not cause harm builds character and fortitude.