Be aware that the uncertainty behind the wheel – quite a normal situation. As you know, confidence comes only with experience, and to now have this experience, it is important as often as possible to ride. Put on the car Navigator, especially if you live in the city. This will help to navigate in city traffic, not miss a turn, to find a relatively free route. Exercise regularly. Try several times to pass on the same route at different times – during rush hour and when the road is almost empty.As soon as you feel confident in passing the road, find a new route for the development.
Sign up for additional courses in driving school. Often driving schools conduct courses of extreme driving or driving under certain conditions (e.g., ice). And training defensive driving will help you to simulate the possible difficult situation on the road and teach you how to avoid them. At this training you will gain the necessary experience, and with it will come confidence.
Analyze when you are experiencing uncertainty over the wheelin a big traffic, when changing lanes or in case of bad experience with the road. Perhaps you are tormented by the fear of becoming responsible for the accident. Contact your psychologist or therapist who will help sort out your fears and tell you how to cope with them. Do not be ashamed of your problem. Often the roots of uncertainty over the wheel lie in low self-esteem. Therefore, professional help is needed in the shortest possible time to solve the issue.
Check comfortable you feel in the car. Not does it irritate you that the sound of music, the smell of the car freshener. Are you comfortable in a chair. Sometimes the causes of uncertainty can be due to the basic discomfort can be easily remedied.
Do not fret and do not be nervous, if the driver does not comply with the rules. Better skip the cab. Do not try to prove that you are right and the other driver – not if in fact there is no need. Believe that responsible drivers, no less than inadequate. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are stuck at the crossroads or took a wrong turn and got lost.
And remember, no one is immune from bugs and crashes – no driver with years of experience, no green rookie. Do not worry about what may never happen.