You will need
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy sleep
  • Bananas, honey, cinnamon
  • Soap, gel, scrub with the scent of grapefruit
  • Nice stuff
  • Bright colors
Start with nutrition. A full Breakfast, don't limit yourself to a Cup of coffee and a sandwich. Hot porridge is not only energize you but will also benefit the whole body in General and digestive system in particular.
Sprinkle on food or drinks with cinnamon. Scientists have proved that cinnamon helps to regulate sugar in the body.
Keep a banana or a jar of honey. Bananas contains three natural sugars – sucrose, glucose and fructose. They are not only energy recharges you, but also will help your brain to produce the hormone of happiness – serotonin. The same can be said about honey.
In the morning, take lukewarm shower, gel, scrub or soap, scented with grapefruit. This scent can work wonders.
Set clear and precise objectives for the day. Do not put off unpleasant duties, delaying them for tonight. Learn to say "no" if you feel that you impose impossible obligations. If you can't say a clear "no", replace it with a vague "Let's get back to that question later. For example, in a week."
Try to delight yourself with a variety of things. Listen to nice music. Decorate your space with pleasant trinkets. And this advice applies not only to women. Go to a good shop, there are toys for the big boys and girls.
Do you have a runny nose? Even if it is lightweight, it still needs to be treated. Stuffy nose limits the access of oxygen and disturbs sleep. The body cannot normally fully operational, loses energy and becomes susceptible to disease.
Please note, there may be around you no bright colors? No matter how elegant design in muted tones, it is depressing. Add colour to your life.
If you need to cope with fatigue for a short time, RUB the ears. Thus, you are stimulating some points and get an instant influx of energy.
If your fatigue is caused by constant stress, learn to relax. For this, there are breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, massage. Choose what you like.