First select the surface on which you draw. This can be a simple sheet of paper or the surface of the nail, or glass, or wall, etc.
Decide what you want to represent: a human figure, animal or other living creature, landscape composition, any real object or something abstract and unreal.
Find the analogue of the image if the selected image is hard to draw in my head. Please indicate the main part of the picture. Compare the main parts to familiar objects and pririsovyvat picture, composing simple components.
Draw the outlines of living creatures, at the initial stage of drawing simple geometric shapes, i.e. a head in the form of a circle, the torso of a rectangle or square Then circle the shape with smooth lines and draw small details.
Draw the nature of light touches. Grab the paint, a wide brush and close to nature colours draw the blurred outlines. Draw on wet paper.
Draw abstract drawings. They draw using different colors sandwiched in a form that will prompt the imagination. It can be a spiral of circles, squares, covering each other, various lines and simple points located in a chaotic manner. Make the sign on your picture or individual letters in an unusual font.
Draw a simple drawing is not on paper. Use the principle – the less the better. Draw pictures of short strokes with minimal details. Add colour to figure with abundance of colors.
Use unusual drawing tools. Take the foam or crumpled sheet of paper to create the effect of texture. Draw cloth, toothbrushes and even goose feathers. Then to draw easy drawing will not be easy.